Obama moves to kill Cape Wind

The Obama administration is such a strong supporter of “clean energy” that it has moved to kill Cape Wind, the controversial offshore wind farm the Kennedy family has been fighting for 10 years. Read the rest of this entry »


Renewable back-up costs are controversial

It will cost between $2-$15 billion over the next 15 years to construct the gas pipeline infrastructure needed to provide back-up generation for intermittent renewables (i.e., solar and wind), according to a report from the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA). The utilization rate for the back-up generation is estimated to be around 15 percent or less.

According to Restructuring Today, “The report assumes 105 GW of renewables will be built in the next 15 years and 88 GW of that will be wind. The main driver for that growth is state standards… If all of that were backed by gas plants, 33 GW would be needed including 21 GW that have yet to be built… The study looked at energy storage such as pumped hydro and flywheels and found those technologies are more costly than balancing with gas, at least for now. It did not examine DR for smoothing intermittency.”

The wind industry countered that, “The power system always has had large amounts of variability and uncertainty due to large swings in demand and traditional power plants tripping off and removing 1,000 MW or more of supply instantaneously… Combining all those sources of variability together statistically has the effect of making smaller ones such as wind intermittency statistically negligible,” reported RT.

Bell: Too-Green-To-Fail… fail

Our current renewable energy subsidy path … [has] yielded only entitlement-dependency, says Larry Bell, Forbes. Read the rest of this entry »

European wind: Waste, chaos and expense

Erecting windmills is the easy; making them productive is a different story. Read the rest of this entry »

Wind, solar urged to not oppose broad CES

Energy lawyer Bill Bice is urging the wind and solar industries to get over their hostility to President Obama’s vision of a broad clean energy standard (CES). Read the rest of this entry »

CES = Corporate Energy Subsidies

Welcome to Corporate Energy Subsidies, a blog dedicated to exposing the scam of a so-called “clean energy standard” or CES. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t cap, subsidize: Wind industry needs to become cost competitive

By Steve Milloy
The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA), October 3, 2010

It’s terrific that Sen. Chuck Grassley wants to help out Iowa’s wind industry, but does he have to sell out the rest of the state in the process? Read the rest of this entry »