China and the clean energy ‘race’

Although this blog doesn’t care much for Bjorn Lomborg’s alarmist views of climate science, he recently had some trenchant observations about China and clean energy. Read the rest of this entry »


CES = China Energy Subsidies, too

“The vast majority [of the 400-450 separate solar companies in the world] are located in China, where heavy government bank support through cheap loans has fueled investment to feed Europe’s state-subsidized demand for grid-connected installations over the past half-decade.” Source: Climatewire, Feb. 25.

So a U.S. CES would be yet more government-mandated wealth transfer from U.S. taxpayers and consumers to China. At least when consumers buy something made in China from Walmart, they’re getting something of value in return for their hard-earned money. WIth Chinese-made clean energy equipment, however, all they’re getting in return is more expensive electricity.