Manufacturers oppose renewable mandate in CES

Large industrial users of electricity oppose a CES mandate for wind and solar power. In comments to the Senate Energy Committee, the Electricity Consumers Resource Council expressed concern that a CES could:

  • Increase electricity costs by tens of billions of dollars because of increases in generation, transmission, storage and back-up costs;
  • Jeopardize the reliability of the power system through an unmanageable increase in intermittent power;

ELCON’s bottom line is that,

If we fail to recognize the significant cost impact, the result will be to put domestic manufacturers at a distinct disadvantage to their growing international competition which in many cases is based in the less developed world. These competitors are often protected from similar policies because they are considered an asset supporting government policies favoring the development of manufacturing technologies which provide significant employment opportunities. ELCON members urge that those developing a CES keep in mind the precarious situation of American manufacturers and not disadvantage them vis a vis their international competitors.

Since a CES will produce zero environmental benefits, why should America take the economic pain for no gain?


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