Ratepayer tax for ‘clean energy’ R&D?

David Garman, a former Bush Energy Department politico-cum-lobbyist, met with Obama Department of Energy staff to recommend that ratepayers be charged a tax to fund clean energy research and development. The meeting is summarized in this memo.

Garman told the Clean Energy Report that,

“… a charge could be designed in a variety of ways — for example, it could be based on a percentage of the electricity bill attributed to coal generation. With a charge of 50 cents a month on the average electricity bill, a fund of $2 billion a year could be accumulated and, with so many ratepayers, would have negligible individual impacts, although for large industrial energy users it ‘would be a big deal’ and raise competitiveness issues. Nevertheless, some way to augment appropriated funds needs to be found, Garman says, otherwise CCS projects ‘won’t get done.'”

Garman, if you haven’t already figured this out, is a lobbyist for CCS and climate change legislation. You can search the Senate Lobbying Disclosure database for yourself.

Garman also lobbies for the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) — a Washington D.C. racket founded by Senate fossils who steered the country to its present disastrous course. Garman’s memo indicates that he wants the Obama DOE to consider financial support for the BPC:

The [DOE] should consider if there is a role for a group such as the Bipartisan Policy Center which has an impressive track record in advancing the public debate on issues such as energy, health care, transportation policy, and perhaps most notably, addressing our national debt and budget deficits.”

BTW, shame on the Clean Energy Report for not reporting about Garman and his angle.


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