GOP budget cuts threaten clean energy agenda

According to the Clean Energy Report, the recently passed House Continuing resolution would:

  • Reduce ARPA-E funding by $250 million, from $650 million;
  • Zero out the DOE State Energy Program (SEP) and Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP);
  • Reduce funding for the DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) program — the department’s primary clean energy effort — providing for a $1.5 billion budget, less than the FY2010 funding level of $2.2 billion and well below the $3.2 billion the administration is seeking for EERE in FY2012.

The Union of Concerned Scientists (led by an English major) told the CER that, “DOE’s ARPA-E program has been a huge success,” citing an ARPA-E grant that went to University of Minnesota-Twin Cities researchers who are working on developing an organism that uses sunlight to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into sugars and another that converts the sugars to gasoline and diesel.”

But isn’t this what the ethanol industry has been doing for decades already?


CES = China Energy Subsidies, too

“The vast majority [of the 400-450 separate solar companies in the world] are located in China, where heavy government bank support through cheap loans has fueled investment to feed Europe’s state-subsidized demand for grid-connected installations over the past half-decade.” Source: Climatewire, Feb. 25.

So a U.S. CES would be yet more government-mandated wealth transfer from U.S. taxpayers and consumers to China. At least when consumers buy something made in China from Walmart, they’re getting something of value in return for their hard-earned money. WIth Chinese-made clean energy equipment, however, all they’re getting in return is more expensive electricity.

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Clean energy means…. what?

“President Barack Obama wants 80 percent of the nation’s electricity to come from clean energy sources by 2035. Achieving this, he says, will take a mix of solar, wind, nuclear, and even fossil fuels like natural gas and coal. It may also take a liberal definition of “clean.” Energy goals will take new definition of ‘clean’,

Dianne Feinstein’s clean energy hypocrisy

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Greens move to block nukes from CES

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House to probe $535 million stimulus loss to failed solar plant

Here’s the story: Obama donor gets $535 million in stimulus funds for his never-profitable solar business. One year later, 1,000-job promise turns into an actual 175-job loss. Taxpayers stuck with $390 million in bad debt. Congress to investigate. Stay tuned. Full story at Los Angeles Times.